God uses imperfect people

Dec 15, 2023


What kind of people fulfill the purpose of God? Look at Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1. The people included in Jesus’ family tree are far from perfect. 

“The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” - Matthew 1:1

Abraham followed God to an unknown land but lost faith in God’s plan for his family and had a son with his maid (Genesis 16:1-4). Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute (Genesis 38). David, known as a man after God’s heart, committed adultery and murdered his good friend to cover it up (2 Samuel 11). Rahab was a prostitute (Joshua 2). Manasseh and Abijah were evil (2 Kings 21:1-3 and 1 Kings 15:3). 

Matthew 1 is proof that God accomplishes His perfect plan with imperfect people. This doesn’t excuse our sin. The men and women in Jesus’ family tree brought suffering to their world. People were hurt, even killed as a result of their decisions. But God’s grace is greater than our sin. Jesus commissions us to be part of His story. As we tap into the message and the power Jesus gives us, God works through us to change the world despite our flaws. 


- How does God work through human imperfection? How have you seen this? 

- What does it mean to repent? How does God’s kindness lead to repentance?