It has certainly been a challenging year for us as a church family, yet in the midst of it all, we know how blessed and how loved we are by our Heavenly Father. Every year we faithfully give because of God’s love and grace towards us, and I am so amazed time and again at our church family’s continued generosity. This year, just as we did last year, we will be allocating 100% of our Greatest Gift Offering to our ministry partners locally and around the world.  

In this past year, we supported pastors, churches, and ministry projects in Nicaragua, Honduras, India, Sri Lanka, Israel, and Kenya as well as local ministry partners like Disciple Nations, Hope Ranch, TUMI, and local churches around the community. In addition to the standard support, we provide to all these partners because you give we were able to send assistance to pastors in Nicaragua and India that were struggling and facing destitution due to continued shutdowns, economic hardships, and governmental pressures. Lives have been saved and blessed in these communities through the Greatest Gift Offering.

Additionally, this last year we were able to help the girls home in northeast India purchase a home of their own and provide them a vehicle. These were such powerful blessings to this ministry providing them some much-needed stability. Your continued generosity has enabled us to sponsor ten girls, providing them with a safe and loving environment to live and learn in You are making a difference and transforming the lives of these young ladies.

You’re Making A Difference Because You Give

vision for
the future

Because you give in such consistent and generous ways over the past several years we have been a part of some amazing work alongside our ministry partners. We continue to support churches, ministries, and missionaries locally and around the world in Sri Lanka, Kenya, India, Honduras, Israel, and Nicaragua. Through your generosity pastors and families have been supported through nationwide shutdowns, a widow in India was given her home free and clear to avoid eviction, a Christian school was built in Nicaragua, land for a girls home was purchased, pastors are being equipped around the world and so much more.

Even with all of that, there is still so much to do. Our partners are dreaming big and we want to come alongside them in every way possible to help make their vision come to fruition. That is why we are asking everyone to participate in this special offering on December 10th. As we give our Greatest Gift, we will impact so many lives in a deeper way than we could ever understand in this lifetime. As you give, you make a difference in lives around the world in significant ways.  

I, along with the rest of our team, am so incredibly excited to see all that God will do through our gifts this year. Because you give, we are able to take part in the work of God’s Kingdom in a broader way than we can imagine, reaching our community and advancing the message of Jesus Christ across the world. Thank you in advance for your generosity and the way you bless our ministry partners

100% of the offering
goes to our
ministry partners

Ways to Give

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