Life Groups

You and I are designed for community. It’s in our DNA. It was part of God’s design (Genesis 1:26-27). Life Groups are designed for you to connect in deep friendships, grow more like Christ and care for one another. If you are not connected to a group we want to help you connect.

There are a variety of groups at Christ Church. There are groups for men, women, couples and multi-generational groups that meet during the week in homes across the community.


Get Connected


What happens at a typical life group?

At a Life Group gathering have three components; fellowship, study, prayer. Most groups meet for 1.5 hours. If you have young children, check with the group leader about how the group handles childcare.


How are groups structured?

Life Groups are comprised of 5-7 couples or 8-12 individuals who meet consistently. You start as acquaintances, develop into friends and finally become family.


Why should I be a part of a Life Group?

Life Groups provide the opportunity for you to grow closer to God and to others. God has a place for you to not only receive from others but to give to others.


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9:00 & 11:00am