Expand the Kingdom Here: FAQ

What if we raise more than we need to complete the projects that are part currently of Expand the Kingdom?

There are so many opportunities that it if there were additional funds raise, we could certainly find further projects to begin work on. If we raise additional funds above and beyond the needs of our current projects we will work as a team to determine the best way to utilize those funds. The pastoral leadership team would determine some projects to apply the funds towards and decide initial priorities. Once the leadership team has made these initial recommendations the board of elders will review the recommendations, prayerfully consider them, and make final determinations on how to allocate the additional funds.

What do we need to raise money for?

The Expand the Kingdom campaign will help us become equipped for the next chapter of our life as a church. The main focus will be eliminating debt and to provide much needed updates and repairs to our facility. Some of the areas we are looking to support include:

Elimination of our remaining debt from the initial building opening. The elimination of debt will free up our budget to do even more ministry in the years ahead.

As our facility continues to age we are in need of significant repairs to the building mainly in the area of carpet replacement, parking lot resurfacing, and stucco repairs.

We are also in need of some significant equipment upgrades that will help us reach more people. This would include video, lighting, signage, and more.

We are also in need of additional classroom and meeting room space for adult equipping and team meetings.

For a full list of projects and specific needs, please contact the Executive Pastor at nnevins@christpeople.church to learn more.

Why do we need these projects, how will they help us in our mission as a church?

Each of the examples above would provide a great boost to the ministry of Christ Church. Elimination of the debt would return nearly $10,000 of expense every month back to the church as well as lowering the cost of interest payments by retiring the debt early. By removing this $10,000 per month burden, we would be greatly empowered to further ministry in other areas.

Over the years we have said that as followers of Christ we do not need a facility, but our visitors do. Our building is a resource that helps us to welcome visitors to our fellowship. With it, we hope to create a warm and welcoming environment where they can experience Christ. Maintaining it to a state of excellence enables us to ensure it remains an exceptional resource for generations to come.

By enhancing the equipment in our facility we will be able to reach out to the broader community like never before. We will be able to record and live stream our Sunday services. With an increased focus in communications we will take our mission of reaching those that don’t know Christ into new areas of our community, reaching more people than ever before.

Are their priorities for the campaign? What will be done first?

For us debt elimination is a huge priority, however we know it is the largest dollar need in our campaign.

When we look at how best to steward our resources, we realize that priority needs to be placed with anything that will impact our ability to fulfill our mission in reaching those that do not know Christ. This would bring our communication and equipment needs to the forefront of our project priorities.

The main element for consideration will be the amount of funds that come in as part of our first fruits offering and the overall amount of pledges received. These factors will help us to decide what we are capable of doing and in what order to begin working on various projects.

Don’t we already give to Greatest Gift, how is this different?

Our Greatest Gift offering is primarily used to bless those outside of Christ Church. We use the Greatest Gift to primarily bless our ministry partners locally and around the world.

A small portion of those funds are set aside each year for our obstacles and opportunities fund. This fund has assisted in some small ways to improve our capabilities but has been used as an emergency fund for building repairs and needs.

The Greatest Gift has always held the focus of expanding the kingdom through our ministry partners. Our Expand the Kingdom offering will focus on expanding the kingdom here.

What happens if we don’t raise all the money needed to complete the Expand the Kingdom projects?

Our hope is that the Lord will bless us with an abundance through this offering. If we do receive less than our stated goal we will move ahead with the campaign and our plan. Our leadership team and elders would meet to work on priorities for the funding level we were able to reach.

Are these funds different from our regular tithes?

Expand the Kingdom is a giving campaign. Anytime we are called to give or provide an offering these are gifts that are above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings. This special offering and giving campaign is an opportunity for us to generously give back for all the Lord has done for us. Expand the Kingdom is an opportunity to invest in the work of advancing the kingdom here at Christ Church.

How will it be ensured that the funds raised are used for the stated goals?

All funds received through the Expand the Kingdom campaign will be held within our designated funds account and placed under the Expand the Kingdom designation. These funds will only be issued out for the listed projects and each will be approved by the Executive Pastor to ensure they are properly used. The Executive Pastor will report on all fund usage to the board of elders to ensure full accountability.


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